Breathing air hose kits

Breathing air hose kits

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Complete and safety tested breathing air hose kits

A certified breathing air hose kit from CEJN is compliant with the regulations contained in SS-EN14594 and 14593-1 and has gone through stringent testing at one of our hose crimping centers. With a pre-assembled hose kit, the entire process is certified and each hose kit has the highest safety measures on the market with top-quality components. CEJN has 60 years of experience in quick connect couplings and hose assembly. The true art of hose crimping does not only depend on the crimping process – but also on high-quality products and experienced personnel.

Technical data

Hose material Ester-based polyurethane, Non-Braided, Nitrile rubber (NBR) with NBR/PVC cover, PVC, Polyester reinforced
Max. working pressure 10 - 15 bar