Breathing air couplings

Breathing air couplings
Breathing air couplings

Safely connected - for your safety. For breathing air, safe and solid equipment is needed. CEJN quick-connect couplings have an extremely high rate of airflow. One-hand operated connection, integrated safety feature that protects against unintentional disconnection, a grip-friendly locking sleeve, and a broad connection range are features that will help protect your breathing and your life.

The Stream-Line couplings are a perfect fit for CEJN PUR hoses and it can easily be removed and reused with just a few basic tools. As crimped hoses or fittings with hose clamps will eventually start leaking, a Stream-line connection has proven to be a reliable concept that will remain leak-free during the coupling's entire service life. The Stream-line connection consists of a CEJN PUR hose with a cap nut connection to a perfectly matching quick coupler to provide a long-term reliable connection.

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