LV Gray

LV Gray
LV Gray

FASTPATCH LV is the perfect product for repairing small and narrow areas of damaged concrete, and it performs amazingly well in below-freezing temperatures. This quick-setting product has amazing strength and can fix cracks and spalled concrete on the spot.  It has ultra-low viscosity and is most often used to repair cracked or spalled concrete. FASTPATCH LV has the ability to penetrate deeply into concrete and cure at below zero temperatures, which results in superior strength. Once applied, the area can be returned to service within 15 minutes! The product is also certified as safe to use in areas where food products are handled. 


  • Foundations - Concrete Structures
  • High Load Areas - Footings, Rail Applications
  • Anchoring - Securely Fasten Bolts or Rebar
  • Cracks and spalls – able to fill narrow cracks and shallow spalls
  • Transitions – repair between two elevations
  • Bridge decks – sealing on concrete decks and ramps
  • Damaged concrete – repair of broken concrete
  • Cold temperatures – outdoors or in freezers
  • Parking decks


  • High Compression Strength - Supports heavy loads
  • Easy-to-Use - Meter application possible
  • Fast Curing - Quick return to service
  • Excellent Adhesion - Bonds strongly to concrete
  • Low Viscosity - Flows into place easily
  • Cures at Low Temperatures - Year round use

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