The KLP Advantage

KLP is the “go-to” resource for all your industrial supply needs.

Here’s why:

 •   As a direct 1st-tier distributor with a sizeable onsite inventory and experienced technical staff, KLP offers competitive pricing.


•   Independent supply companies are rare.  The few that exist today are mostly large-scale, establishment conglomerates that often lack personal, one-on-one customer focus. Almost none of them are minority owned. KLP stands alone in its minority, diversity, and specialty certifications and its focus on relational business partnerships.


•   KLP is the supplier of choice because our goal is to keep our customers on schedule and within budget.


•   Historically, when contractors seek minority or diversity credits, they choose KLP over other suppliers for up to 85% of their projects.


  Our Advantage     KLP   Others
Competitive Pricing Varies
Minority/Diversity X
Direct Manufacturer Varies
Onsite Inventory Varies
Relational Business Partnership Varies
Small-Business Model X
Conglomerate X
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