Hoseless reels (open)

Hoseless reels (open)
Hoseless reels (open)

Retractable hose reels that can be fitted with your choice of hose. These heavy duty reels have a robust steel design suitable for industrial use and offer slowed down retraction and auto-stop. The reels can be wall mounted or installed in the ceiling.

CEJN´s range of open hose reels is designed for safe performance in the workplace. For maximum flexibility, we have a hoseless reel in our range. This means customers can fit their own hose based on their individual needs, The reel rewinds the hose safely and steadily pace using a built-in safety clutch. The heavy-duty spun discs with rolled edges makes the reel safe to handle and minimize damage to the hose due to sharp edges. The open hose reels are perfect for applications that demand longer lengths and larger hose dimensions, thanks to a robust frame and compact high flow swivel. The swivel is placed outside the shaft for easy installation and maintenance. To ensure long lasting durability, the heavy-duty steel has a powder coated finish for harsh and challenging conditions. Enclosed factory-adjusted spring cartridge for safe and easy replacement. Another example is the unique shaft with a dual support system for maximum stability.

Technical data

Hose length on reel 7-30 m
Hose material Hoseless
Reel material Steel
Media Water or other fluids, Compressed air
Features Auto-stop, roller guide
Available options Slow retraction

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